Propane & Gas Water Heater Installation and Replacement

Is your home’s gas or propane water heater starting to show signs of wear or damage? Most water heaters have a life expectancy of approximately 8-12 years and can start to exhibit signs of degradation after that. If you don’t know of the age of your home’s water heater and it is failing more often these days, it may be time to consider replacement. If you are interested in propane or gas water heater installation service, we are more than happy to help. Our professionals can deliver quick, cost-effective propane or gas water heater installation and replacement throughout Smyrna, GA. Speak with our team today by calling (404) 549-6888. Our complete water heater inspection service will give you the information you need to decide between repair or replacement.

Propane and Gas Water Heater Services

Propane & Gas Water Heater Installation and Replacement

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There is a multitude of reasons that gas and propane water heaters are being used in homes. These systems heat water quickly, they have large tanks, and they are fairly inexpensive to operate. However, lack of maintenance can cause weakness and damages over time. In locations with heavy mineral content or hard water, for example, problems caused by sedimentary buildup can be prevented with proper maintenance. Gas and propane water heaters can begin to be less energy efficient as they age, leading to more expensive utility costs. As these issues occur more frequently, replacement could, in fact, be the most inexpensive solution. If you are interested in with propane or gas water heater installation or replacement in Smyrna, GA, call our plumbers.

Water Heater Replacement Options

Electric water heaters are a popular choice when replacing propane or gas water heaters. Since they don’t have a continuous flow of natural gas or use a pilot light to ignite, electric water heater units are known to be safer than gas or propane water heaters. Electric water heaters can additionally be set using timers for optimal safety and energy savings when you’re away. Learn more about your propane or gas water heater installation and replacement options in Smyrna, GA or schedule your appointment by calling our plumbing experts at (404) 549-6888. The plumbing contractors at Robinson Plumbing & HVAC are the professionals to get in touch with for all of your water heater service needs.